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This website is only for nutcases. Well...I'm not saying it's a website for people that have totally lost their grip...but it is a website for people that are crazy...crazy for nuts!


I'm not just talking about any old nut. I'm talking about the most glamorous, best tasting nut out there...the ALMOND.

You know you love them... even if you've forgotten about them them for a while.

If you're hankering for a snack that's healthy, but doesn't resemble the taste of cardboard like most other healthy snacks do, California natural almonds are the tasty choice.

If you want to get off the white/wheat flour ride and are looking for a better way to cook and bake, California natural almond flour is the answer to your puzzling dilemma.

Almonds even make great gifts. There's no better way to score points with your boss or say, "Hey, I love you," to your special someone (or to yourself) than with California natural almonds and almond flour.

When in the market for the best place to buy almonds online or buy almond flour online, nutcases everywhere flock to Anthony's Almonds.

If you're a nutcase, you can buy almonds wholesale, and even buy almond flour bulk and buy almonds in bulk here at the best place to buy almonds and almond flour... Anthony's Almonds!

Looking for delicious premium almonds from this year's crop? We have them here fresh every day at Anthony's Almonds. In fact, you'll only ever receive fresh almonds from the current year crop when you order from us.

We sell the highest gourmet quality all natural whole California almonds. These almonds are beautiful. You definitely won't find almonds this large or that look and taste this good at your local grocery store.

Not only are our California natural almonds a tasty, mouthwatering snack, but they're also great for you. Buy almonds online here at Anthony's Almonds, and then eat them straight from the bag, throw a few in a salad, or top fresh baked cookies for a sweet almond treat.

These nuts are chock full of vitamins, minerals, protein, monounsaturated fats, fiber, and other nutrients that can boost your health, reduce your risk of developing heart disease, help in your weight loss efforts, and even keep your skin, hair, and nails looking their best.

Looking for a gluten free alternative to white or wheat flour? Almond flour is the perfect solution. It's easy to cook with, nutritious, and tasty to boot.

Just like natural almonds, our finely milled almond flour with the consistency of cornmeal is full of good nutrition. Use it to bake everything from pancakes and nut breads to cookies and muffins.

Anthony's Almonds uses only the freshest California natural almonds to make our almond flour. That's just one of the many reasons nutcases everywhere come to us to buy almond flour bulk. It's so scrumptious, we're sure you'll never go back to white or wheat flour once you've tried our almond flour.

Find out what all the fuss is about by placing your order with Anthony's Almonds today! Whether you'd like to buy almonds in bulk, buy almonds wholesale, or buy almond flour online, you're just a click away from better health and a tasty treat.

With low wholesale prices, shipping at just $5 for any size order, and the freshest almonds and almond flour available anywhere, you're a nutcase for not ordering now.

Where to buy almond flour or California natural almonds? The answer is clear... Anthony's Almonds! We're thrilled to be your official online almond headquarters!


Product must be stored between 30° - 40° F / 0° - 4.4° C with a relative humidity of 50 – 60%.

This product is sold as wholesale.

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spacerI bought this because it was the best buy. It is fresh, great texture, doesnt clump. I use it in my morning smoothie because I dont add whey.



spacerRecently stared a gluten free lifestyle. Anthony's almond flour helped make some amazing bread! Loved it! I will be using this more often a definite staple in the kitchen.